Diamanti Gialli

Yellow diamonds

Rubinia in 2020 becomes a member of NCDIA - Natural Color Diamond Association - becoming part of an international reality with specific expertise in natural colored diamonds. A new experience for the company, a special gift for 35 years of Rubinia.

"We had the opportunity to select a collection of 99 natural yellow diamonds to symbolize a sense of rebirth after the difficult period we have experienced and are experiencing. I like to think that these diamonds, all square-emerald cut, have absorbed a charge of warmth and positivity from the Namibian sun and then transmit it to the wearer," says Roberto Ricci.

This exclusive collection is composed of 99 natural color diamonds with Light, Fancy and Intense intensity. The yellow color was chosen because it is the color of the Sun, the source of life, and Rubinia has always wanted to celebrate the strength and joy of living. A tribute to the Sun that with its light gives energy and good mood and that every day puts us in front of the miracle of its rising and resurrection.