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from 1 January 2021

Precious metals compliant with the RJC Chain of Custody

We only use precious metals compliant with the RJC Chain of Custody and recycled, according to sustainable and circular production models

Ethical practices in our business

Since 2021 we have been turning exclusively to suppliers of precious metals - first of all ITALPREZIOSI SPA - who guarantee theexclusive RJC Chain of Custody (COC) certification, which indicates the responsible origin of all the materials produced and processed in the internal and external production processes, along the entire chain of production of precious metals.
By "responsible origin" we mean that the metals are conict-free, that is, produced, transformed and transported responsibly at every step of the production chain, thus specifying the way in which these have been found, traced and processed throughout the supply chain.

circular economy

Respect for the environment

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