Born in 2007


It is the perfect synthesis between style and inspiration.

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Born in 2007 as a game, by twisting a metal wire around the finger several times, this tangle of turns in its imperfection is transformed into something precious and symbolic: a ring that magically manages to enclose the past and present of those who wearing it, captures the emotions and then returns them as an unexpected gift.This jewel, which contains an ancient Tibetan tradition - a gift of good omen for future brides, not only captures its essence and its profound value but returns as a small contemporary work of art, representing the life of each of us, unique and unrepeatable.Three characteristics that make the ring unique: the choice of metal that varies from 9kt gold to the special silver alloy, the quantity of threads that compose it and the preciousness of the diamonds inserted in the bands.

The philodella life ring represents the life of each of us, each life is different from that of anyone else but unique and unrepeatable for everyone.


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Born in 2000


A tribute to the moments to remember

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The collection initially consisting of a bracelet - a symbol of union with one's own affections - develops with numbers and dates, attentive to the search for details that are impressed through the engraving. Like a tattoo that draws an ideal geography of emotions on the body, the collection, in silver and gold, is a tribute to moments worthy of being remembered over time. The bracelets, rings and pendants are not simple ornaments but become an auspicious gift, a precious lucky charm: personalized and unique as the wearer.With the magic of the precious, people are linked to places, events to affections and memories to family .

A Filodamore linked to something unique that is you.


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Fancy Yellow Natural Diamonds

Rubinia in 2020 it becomes NCDIA member - Natural Color Diamond Association - joining an international reality with specific skills in natural colored diamonds.

A special Filodellavita collection

This exclusive collection consists of 99 diamonds of natural color with Light, Fancy and Intense intensity, all specially made in the “Square Emerald” shape.

But why yellow? It was a choice strongly desired by Roberto Ricci, Why yellow is the color of the Sun, source of life, and Rubinia has always wanted to celebrate strength and the joy of living - in particular with the Filodellavita collection. A tribute to the generating force of the Sun, which confronts every day with the miracle of its perpetual rise and rise. A tribute to its light that gives energy, stimulates the desire to act, brings good humor.

Symbol of rebirth and positive energy

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