La nostra storia, chi siamo.

Our history, who we are.

Rubinia was born in Portofino in 1985 from an idea of Ilario Plazzi, who enters by chance in the world of jewelry after important experiences in the cosmetics and clothing industry. Thanks to his creative soul and his sensitivity, he has the ability to design and create jewelry dedicated to women who wear their jewelry every day, matching it with the clothes they wear.


In 1995 he met Roberto Ricci, with whom he started a complementary relationship that led them to share, even today after 26 years, the Rubinia world. A world where sartorial jewels are created with a continuous research of materials and new color combinations. Roberto has always been committed to creating unique pieces, working on the uniqueness of each person. The result is a handmade jewelry, original in color, style and cut.

Tough as the Robinia, strong plant with sweet and fragrant flowers, precious and charismatic as the Ruby, the prince of stones. This is Rubinia, the synthesis of the six senses that through natural and precious materials gives life to unique and unrepeatable creations.