The Guarantee on Rubinia Gioielli products

A 2-year warranty has always been recognised for our jewellery.

On all products purchased online, at Rubinia brand stores and all our authorised resellers the warranty must be activated by filling out the form below.

ACTIVATE NOW to be able to take advantage of it if necessary!

How and why activate the guarantee

Registering the purchase of a Rubinia jewel allows you to have the assurance that the product is original and gives you the right to a two-year warranty on all breaks due to manufacturing defects.

This will also allow you to be contacted shortly before the expiration date for a free refurbishment of the jewel you purchased (excluding shipping costs).


Our jewellery is covered by a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Please note that in order to benefit from the Warranty service it is necessary to register online, and that defects, or damage, caused by improper use, modifications or replacements made with non-original parts and accessories and unauthorised third party processing are excluded.

Inproper treatment also means the use of inappropriate products and/or cleaning that may alter the integrity.

How to request a warranty repair

Customers who have purchased a product and who wish to make use of the warranty can do so in one of the following two ways:

- by going to one of the Rubinia Gioielli stores or to an authorised retailer, provided with the jewel to be repaired/replaced and communicating the data used to register the warranty.

- by contacting the Rubinia Gioielli customer service department by email at or by calling +39 342 733 5007 to receive all the information regarding the use of the guarantee by shipping the product.