Filodellavita Classic 7 fili in Argento 925
Filodellavita Classic 7 fili in Argento 925

Filodellavita Classic 7 wires in 925 Silver


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With the Classic collection, a ring is born that tells the life of each of us

7 Wires in 925 Silver enriched with Palladium or Platinum, intertwined  by hand, they will create a unique ring of its kind, just like the life of each of us.

In this jewel, which contains an ancient Tibetan tradition, an auspicious gift for future brides, the mother of the bride wrapped a thread around her daughter's finger as a wish for good luck.

The number 7 represents all forms of discovery and knowledge, it is considered the number of philosophy  and spirituality, indicates the fullness of what is perfect.

Ring with a contemporary design, with soft and stylized lines, wear it alone or with other jewels from the Rubinia Gioielli collection, ideal for everyday wear.

The perfect gift for a birthday or an occasion to remember as  a bachelor's or eighteenth.

Make it even more yours by personalizing the internal nameplate by engraving a date or name

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The Filodellavita ring ... represents the life of each of us, each life is different from that of anyone else but unique and unrepeatable for everyone

The birth of Filodellavita

An iconic thread