Bracciale rigido aperto maxi in Argento 925 - Filodamore
Bracciale rigido aperto maxi in Argento 925- Filodamore

Maxi open rigid bracelet in 925 Silver


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To be embellished with a diamond
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925 Sterling Silver Bangle customizable with the Punching technique. Nickel Free.

The ancient art of Punching has been rediscovered by our Goldsmiths who with great skill and precision will make your jewel unique, punching phrases, lucky numbers, symbols, letters or the coordinates of a place in the heart.

Tradition and innovation are the main characteristics of linnea and which make each piece unique and precious, one of a kind like YOU. 

Everything can be embellished with a diamond. 

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With the magic of the precious, people bond with places, events with loved ones and memories with family.
A Filodamore linked to something unique ... that is you!

The birth of Filodamore

A unique story